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Constantly Evolving Capoeira Inner Series Miami

November 10th –November 12th, 2017.

We had such a blast at the last retreat in the Catskills that we decided to add one more this year- Miami here we go!!!
We have many retreats lined up from now and into 2018. Miami in November, Palm Springs in Feb/March and the Sporades islands in Greece in July.

Next up is our collaboration with my wonderful amazing Capoeira teacher Andre Gusmao in Miami!!! I am excited that we can spend our Pre Holiday retreat together this time in the sunshine at the super cool Wynwood Academy Formula Fight Fitness from November 10th –November 12th.
We also are lucky to have a guest appearance from Bruno Gusmao (Turracha) to help with drums and music!

We will spend together this intense beautiful weekend learning, training, sweating, and of course sharing tons of laughter. Our practice will include Inner Power Flow Yoga, Inner Warrior, Capoeira and Maculele /Dança Guerreira —a Brazilian stick fighting tribal dance. So you know it will be on...

Andre Gusmao has been practicing Capoeira most of his life and is now a high ranked Mestre with Nago Capoeira. He also has an extensive career in MMA and UFC Fighting. Andre first came to NYC in 2001 to build a NYC base for the Capoeria Nago group and is now expanding his efforts in Miami, Florida.
Contra Mestre Bruno Gusmao (Turracha) is teaching at Nago academy in NYC where he teaches Capoeira and we are grateful for his help this retreat!

The Inner Series retreat Greenport is open to all levels, and includes practices in Inner Power Flow, Inner Warrior, Capoeira and Maculele/ Dança Guerreira.

Inner Power Flow is an athletic approach to yoga based on elements from various traditions focusing on core flexibility, breath, and deep stretching reaching to connect seamlessly mind and body. Each movement is systemically linked with breath work to train your entire body, refresh your mind, and soothe your soul.

Inner Warrior was developed as a calibrated synthesis of yoga and martial arts, designed to increase strength, agility, flexibility, stamina. The high intensity practices let your Inner Warrior martial arts master come out!

Capoeira is an Afro Brazilian martial arts form, combining elements of dance, music, and martial arts training. This energetic class offers a comprehensive program including cardio and strength conditioning. With Capoeira every single part of the body is put to the test, and the result is a complete fitness workout.

Maculele / Dança Guerreira Based on stick fighting, Maculele is an Afro Brazilian warrior tribal dance. The dancers use wooden sticks with a combination of Afro Tribal movements expressing warrior stories and to tell mysteries of the past. With Dança Guerreira we will connect even more with our roots from the Afro Brazilian tribes.



Training Workshop schedule

Date and Time Session After Workout
Friday Evening
Practice Optional Group Dinner
Saturday Morning
Practice Break Optional Breakfast Beach Fun
Saturday Evening
Practice Optional Group Dinner
Sunday Morning


Cost Info

Weekend Intensive (all classes) $450

Payment will be accepted through CHASE Quick Pay at, Venmo (free) or credit card through PayPal (3% service fee is additional when using PayPal) Airfare, meals and lodging are NOT included.
All payments are non refundable and non-transferable if canceled, no exceptions. Please email to inquire about a space. Your spot is only guaranteed when paid in full.


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We suggest Hotels or airbnb in Wynwood area or south beach which is 10-15 min away.

Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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